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Carbeth Swiming Pool

or 'The Scottish Lido Set Midst the Towering Hills'

In May 1933, Mr Allan Barns Graham announced that an open air swimming pool reffered to as the' Lido iin The Hill's had been built in a little valley between Carbeth and Craigallian Lochs. The pool had a length of 51 yards and a depth from 4ft 6in to 7ft6 in and diving dail 10 ft high and new bathing shelters. The pool immediately became a great source of entertainment for the communities children and the focus of many activities, displays and competitions amongst the Carbeth and surrounding communities. Having served an eventful and full 36 years the pool was closed in 1969.




As war loomed in 1939 many children were evacuated to Carbeth. The numbers increased greatly after the Clydebank Blitz, 13 and 14 th March 1941. Such was the extent of the devastation that the population of Carbeth expanded to maximum capacity. The daily 'trek' of Clydebank workers to their shipyards and factories continued for many years. Since this time there has always been a special bond between the town and Carbeth


Below a charming photograph of a group of evacuated children belies their plight.


Read about Marlene, an evacuees story


Family Life

Family life has always been an important aspect of Carbeth and its Hutting community. Here are some some photographs from the 50's and 60's




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