Carbeth Waiting List

The Carbeth Hutters Community Company has an extensive waiting list and huts for sale come along only occasionally. Huts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in varying states of repair. This can make it difficult to assess a fair price for any hut. In addition there are a number of regulations in respect of the community needs, conservation requirements and Stirling Council planning rules. We are providing this guide for buyers in the hope that it will allow people to make informed choices when buying a hut and to avoid any misunderstandings.


You can download detailed information on this subject at Hut Waiting List


Apply for a Hut or Site

Below are the neceassery applicatrion forms and information needed to apply for a hut. Remember to sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on lists and hut sale news.

Hut Application Form ...Word Format

Hut Application Form ...PDF Format

Hut Application Form Information Sheet

CHCC Standing Order Mandate