About us

The Carbeth Hutters Community Company was set up in 2008 when the members of Carbeth Hutters Association voted to become a Community Company. The Company was formed to benefit persons entitled to occupy any property within the Carbeth Estate Conservation Area. The Company is run by its directors who are voted in by the company's ordinary members to carry out work on behalf of its members.


History Timeline



Following an initiative by William Ferris and a Mr McMilan, 3 huts are erected on Carbeth Guthrie Estate. Ferris is a significant figure, becoming a vice-president of the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland, vice-chairman of the Scottish Council of Physical Recreation, Chairman of the Scottish Rights of Way Society, Scottish Ramblers Federation and members of the Scottish Tourist Board. A few people are allowed to camp in tents on certain other parts of Carbeth Guthrie Estate. Ferris assists Allan Barns-Graham with huts at Carbeth from 1920-43.



5 huts are erected on the estate. At any one time in the 1920's, there are believed to be around a dozen campsites.



Carbeth Swimming Pond or 'Lido" is developed.



There are 106 huts on the Estate.



Ground rental for 191 huts is recorded at: Lochwood (8 huts), Cuilts Road (58 huts), Drymen Road (18 huts), Clachan (11 huts), Carbeth Lower Hill (40 huts), Mid Hill (26 huts), Upper Hill (18 huts), South Boundary (6 huts) and Lochside (6 huts).



Carbeth Swimming Pond is closed.



The West Highland Way, the first long distance footpath in Scotland, is opened. Starting at Milngavie and finishing at Fort William, it passes Carbeth Estate on route.



Carbeth Hutters Association is formed.



Carbeth Hutters Community Company is formed.